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A small, proud blog of things i've worked on.

I built a Risk of Rain 2 Run Generator because i’m an awful human being.

Just as the title says, i’m an avid player of Risk of Rain 2. After clocking in almost 300 hours with friends and working hard to unlock things i realised that there were a lot of icons that would just… sit there. Artifacts from risk of rain are unlockable modifiers for your runs which are […]

Building a GitHub Search Twitter Bot using Typescript

A small group of friends brought some hilarious bots to my attention over the last little while doing the rounds on twitter. They do some simple searches using GitHub’s search API and send out the results as tweets. This has led to some humorous examples being pulled up to see. I realised that, in my […]

Version Control. Why you need this in your life.

Title says it all, really.

Gatsby, WordPress and Beyond…

A quick writeup on how this website functions and things i learned along the way!

Electron, Express and Websockets

Sometimes i like to build some fun things for me and my friends using new toys. This was one of those times.

The Portfolio of Daniel Ruxton

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